So you just had a toffee nutmeg latte at your favorite coffee house? Now this might sound like a kind of dessert that would take you an hour to make, but this is actually a relatively low fat way to enjoy that delicious flavors without much work or calories (some calories are involved, it’s all worth it though!).

There are mainly two different ways you can enjoy delicious flavored coffee at home; you can buy flavor syrup which you add to your coffee or you can buy flavored coffee beans. And we’re here to tell you about the best of both worlds.

Coffee syrups are a more popular way of flavoring coffee. This way, you can either have your coffee flavored or not depending on your mood, the flavor is just an add-on. As opposed to using flavored coffee beans, that’s a more popular option for people who are always looking to have flavored coffee.

Best Flavored Coffee Syrups:

Coffee syrups are available in a wide range of absolutely delicious flavors, they’re also available as sugar-free syrup so you don’t have to worry about all the sugar and calories you’ll be having! Here are some of the top choices for Flavored coffee syrups, and if you’re not sure what to get, getting a variety pack would be a great to sample different flavors:


Now, for the finishing touches of that delicious cup of coffee of yours! Here are some coffee toppings that you can add to create a world-class gourmet coffee at home:


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