You’ve probably already heard of many types of espresso machines: automatic, super automatic, steam and pump espresso machines. All machines work to produce espresso and excellent coffee drinks, however how they work is a bit different, and of course, that will reflect on the machine’s price. Pump espresso machines are among the most affordable espresso machines for home.

How Does a Pump Espresso Machine Work?

From its name, you can tell that the machine relies on a pump to do its work. Basically, when you press the button on the machine for it to start extracting espresso, the pump inside the machine starts drawing water from the water tank, which holds room-temp water, and it pumps it into the boiler of the machine. After the water is heated inside the boiler, it then runs through the porta-filter – which holds coffee ground – and the espresso extraction starts.

Pump espresso machines run for anywhere from $50 and up to $300+. If you’re looking for a durable and well-built pump espresso machine, then you should expect to pay $100 to $190. Here are our recommendations for the top rated pump espresso machines for under $200*:

(*Price is correct as of writing of this post. Prices are subject to change by sellers)

KRUPS XP601050 Manual Pump Espresso Machine with Thermo Block System and Stainless Steel Housing:

KRUPS XP601050 Manual Pump Espresso Machine with Thermoblock system

The key to a durable espresso machine is stainless steel housing. This type of machinery is always exposed to heat, so it’s not a good idea to have many plastic parts in it. The KRUPS machine, as well as all other recommended espresso machines in this post are in stainless steel housing that makes them strong and easy to clean. Other features the KRUPS XP601050 include:

  • 15 bar pressure Italian pump.
  • 50 ounce removable water tank with front glass access that makes it easy to see how much water is left.
  • Button options include espresso, hot water dispensing or steam (for milk frothing)
  • Cup warming tray.
  • Coffee scoop/tamper included.

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DeLonghi EC702 15-Bar-Pump Espresso Machine:

DeLonghi EC702 15-Bar-Pump Espresso Maker


  • Patented “Cappuccino System” by DeLonghi mixes and froths milk for the perfect creamy foam.
  • Self-priming operation to avoid any start up waiting.
  • Separate thermostats control steam and hot water separately. Perfect temperature control.
  • 15 bar pressure pump.

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Espressione Café Minuetto Professional Thermoblock Espresso Machine:

Espressione Café Minuetto Professional Thermoblock Espresso Machine


  • Easy dial knob control.
  • 1 liter (33 ounce) water tank.
  • Self-priming/ quick start up time.
  • Cup warming tray.
  • Effortless Cappuccino preparation with easy to use steam wand.

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