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Lattissima PRO vs PLUS

So far, we’ve talked about the Lattissima EN720 and EN680 in our blog, and we’ve lined out the difference between them. In this post, we’ll be looking at two other lattissima models, the Lattissima Pro and Lattissima Plus.

What Is The Difference Between The Lattissima Pro and Lattissima Plus?

Like many other espresso machines, these might look quite similar when you see them for the first time. And they are, to some extent. There are two main similarities in these two machines:

  • They are powered by Nespresso’s Capsule system. So you can ONLY use Nespresso capsules with them.
  • They have an integrated milk frother which heats and froths the milk automatically and pours it right into your cup.

What about the differences?

  • The DeLonghi Pro is a newer, much polished and much improved version of the Lattissima Plus.
  • The PRO features a touch-screen display which allows you to easily customize your drinks. The PLUS has push-buttons.
  • The PRO has 6 drinks already pre-set and ready for you to try! All pre-sets can be reprogrammed as well. The PLUS has 3 drink pre-sets.
  • Design wise: The Lattissima PRO featured beautiful Italian design, full stainless steel body with blue LED blacklight indicators. The PLUS has plastic body, and available in few colors.
  • Both machines has detachable milk frothers, but with the Lattissima PRO you can have milk froth without the need to brew coffee, which you can use for hot chocolate for example. This option isn’t available in the PLUS.
  • The Lattissima PRO features a hot water dispenser which gives you boiled water instantly.

DeLonghi Lattissima PRO

Click here to learn more about the DeLonghi America Lattissima PRO, read the customer reviews and buy it.

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DeLonghi Lattissima Plus Nespresso Capsule System

Click here to learn more about the DeLonghi Lattissima Plus, read the customer reviews and buy it.

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How To Use the Lattissima Pro:


Keurig Rivo 500 Cappuccino & Latte System

Keurig has been known for it’s K-Cups single serve coffee machines that give you a nice cup of brewed coffee with a touch of a button. This time, Keurig has upped its game and joined the Espresso machine market and has partnered up with a rather reputable name in the world of Espresso, Lavazza, to bring you the perfect shots of espresso at a touch of a button.

The Keurig Rivo 500 Cappuccino & Latte System uses espresso capsules prepared by Lavazza to make espresso, cappuccino or latte with a simple touch of a button. The built-in frother heats and froths your milk to perfection.

The Keurig Rivo 500 features a dedicated button for each drink: espresso, cappuccino and latte. This measures the needed amount of espresso for your selected drink automatically, so you end up with delicious coffee every single time.

Unlike K Cups, the Rive 500/Lavazza capsules are only available in 4 varieties. These are pure espresso capsules, and not pre-made coffee drinks full of artificial flavors. So Lavazza gives you your choice of espresso roast: Classico and Delicato – both medium roast – Intenso (dark roast) and Decaf (also medium roast). Click here to see the Lavazza pods on Amazon.

If you prefer a wide choice of espresso pods, then a Nespresso machine would be a perfect choice as Nespresso offers at least 16 or more espresso varieties. Otherwise, if you prefer a solid, and authentic Italian espresso flavor at a push of a button, you’ll absolutely love the Keurig Rivo 500.

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Is There a Difference Between Rivo and Nespresso?

Yes, there is a lot of difference actually. The only thing they have in common is the fact that both are single-serve espresso makers. But each of them uses totally different coffee capsules. Nespresso machines use their own capsules exclusively which are made by Nespresso themselves. On the other hand, Keurig’s Rivo uses capsules made for them by Lavazza, which also only work with the Rivo System.

You can learn more about Nespresso and their machines here.

What’s The Difference Between Keurig Rivo and K-Cups?

There two are entirely different as well. Totally different capsules and coffee:

  • The Keurig Rivo is an espresso, cappuccino and latte system. It brews espresso made by Lavazza, froths milk automatically and makes you your favorite coffee drinks with a push of a button. You can ONLY use Lavazza Rivo Capsules with this machine.
  • The K-Cup system is another thing. K-Cup brewers are made by Keurig as well as other brands like Cuisinart or Breville. The K-Cups themselves are also made by many other brands, like Green Mountain, Dunkin Donuts, Starbucks, Tully’s… and many more. With K-Cups, you can get many different drinks like coffee, tea, hot chocolate and more.

What Is The Difference Between Rivo and Keurig Vue?

  • The same difference between Rivo and K-Cups, the Vue is another coffee pod system with its own pods.
  • Rivo makes espresso and espresso based drinks, the Vue system is a coffee maker that brews regular coffee as well as few other drinks.

Can I Make Regular Coffee In Keurig Rivo?

No, it doesn’t make your traditional cup of drip coffee. However, this can be substituted with an Americano, which is a shot of Espresso diluted by hot water. But if you’re looking for regular coffee, Rivo won’t make it.

Are There Refillable Pods for the Keurig Rivo?

No there isn’t. You can only buy the Rivo Lavazza packs and use them with the Rivo system. So when you buy a Rivo, you’ll be pretty much committed to the Lavazza pods, which you can buy from some local stores and are available online easily.

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Super-automatic espresso machines come with a price tag of over $500, which does not fit many people’s budget. However, there is a small number of super automatics priced under $500* and it’s quite a steal. We’re featuring the best ones here.

(*Price is correct as of writing of this post. Prices are subject to change by sellers)

What is  a Super-Automatic Espresso Machine?

An espresso machine is labelled as a super automatic when it features simple to use, push-button operating buttons, a built-in grinder, and a milk frothing system. It can make any coffee drink, with a push of a button, and as fresh as possible as it grinds only as much coffee you need to brew the drink you’re making. This ensures the freshest espresso crema and aroma, and the most delicious coffee drink possible!

A super-automatic is an all-in-one machine, and that’s why they’re quite pricey. Most ones are available at the price range of $700 and up to $2000 and more. So getting a super-automatic for under $500 really is quite a steal.

Here are the top rated super-automatic machines for under $500:

Note: We’ve highlighted the unique features in each machine in blue for easy comparison.

DeLonghi ESAM3300 Magnifica Super-Automatic Espresso Machine:

DeLonghi ESAM3300 Magnifica Super-Automatic


  • Can make espresso, coffee, cappuccino, latte and many more coffee drinks with a touch of a button.
  • Built-in burr grinder gives you a beans-to-brew system. Your cup of coffee is guaranteed ultimate freshness, every time!
  • Patented ‘Cappuccino System’ that froths and mixes the milk perfectly for your cappuccino or latte.
  • Instant Reheat – a feature that allows you to instantly reheat the core of the machine to ensure that it is at perfect temperature.
  • Double boiler system allows you to brew coffee and steam milk at the same time.
  • Easy to use dials and buttons for push-button machine control.
  • Programmable menu settings.
  • 60 oz water tank. 7 ounce bean container.
  • Cup warming tray keeps your cups warm and ready to use.

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Philips Saeco Vienna Plus Automatic Espresso Machine:

Saeco 4045 Vienna Plus 15-Bar-Pump Super-Automatic Espresso Machine


  • Brews delicious coffee drinks including espresso, cappuccino, latte and coffee.
  • Built-in conical burr grinder with Opti-Dose adjustable doser.
  • 12 ounce bean container.
  • 57 ounce removable water tank.
  • Pannarello frothing/steam wand for heating and frothing milk to use for gourmet coffee drinks.
  • Steam wand is also used as a hot water dispenser.
  • Push button controls and dial for easy setting.
  • Removable parts for easy cleaning.

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Philips Saeco Odea Go Fully Automatic Espresso Machine:

Philips Saeco RI9752_48 Odea Go Full Automatic Espresso Machine


  • Prepare all kinds of coffee drinks.
  • Built-in ceramic grinder that is easy to clean, will never rust, provides more consistent grind and never rubs off flavor on coffee.
  • Pannarello steam wand also doubles as a hot water dispenser.
  • Dial + push-button controls.
  • Can brew 1 or 2 cups at the same time.
  • 50 ounce removable water tank.
  • 1/4 pound capacity bean hopper with a seal to keep it fresh.
  • Adjustable drip tray to accommodate different cup sizes.

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Gaggia 12300 Baby Class Manual Espresso Machine

Gaggia has been one of the most favorited espresso machine manufactures among espresso lovers. They do make sturdy machines that create world-class espresso, but not all of those machines are without fault, and some are certainly better than others.

Here, we’re looking at the Gaggia Baby Class Manual Espresso Machine, a great, entry-level manual espresso machine complete with a steam wand to create delicious gourmet coffee drinks.

Features of Gaggia Baby Class:

  • Manual espresso machine with steam wand.
  • 60 oz removable water tank.
  • 15 pump bar. High watt boiler.
  • Push-button controls.
  • Can make two shots at the same time.
  • Portafilter include: single shot, double shot, E.S.E pod filter basket.
  • Coffee scoop and coffee tamper also included.

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Overall, the features of the Gaggia Baby Class are great. It allows you to create a decent shot of espresso, and with the use of the steam wand – while it takes some getting used to – creating cappuccinos and lattes should be fun and easy. However, this is a single-boiler machine, which means you brew espresso and steam milk at the same time, and a little bit of a wait between the two tasks is required.

If you’re in the market for an espresso machine that is within the price range of $300 to $400 and you’re considering the Gaggia Baby Class, I would advice you to reconsider. While it’s not particularly a bad machine, Gaggia does have a way better machine that is available at the same price range and is more durable and reliable, and that is the Gaggia 14101 Classic. With 17 bar pump, a larger 72 oz water tank, a hot water dispenser in addition to the steam wand and a cup warming tray to keep your cups ready at all times, you will be getting a way better deal and a machine that will certainly last you longer and perform better.

You can read our review of the Gaggia 14101 Classic Espresso Machine here. And if you’d like to learn more about the Gaggia Baby Class, click here to see it on amazon.


Gaggia, a well-known brand in the world of Italian espresso machines, has created this machine with sturdy commercial grade but for the home user. It makes great espresso, packs good functions, yet still simple to use.

Features of the Gaggia Classic are:

– 17 1/2 bar pump. Which means high extraction of flavor and aroma.

– 72 ounce removable water reservoir.

– Stainless steel housing, with  brass portafilters and grouphead for temperature stability.

– Stainless steel, single or double shot filter basket.

– The machine includes a tamper and measure scoop.

– It also includes a steam bar for frothing milk, and a hot water dispenser.

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The built of this machine is quite impressive. It is compact in size, housed in stainless steel which is very durable. And the design is very classic, it will look beautiful on your kitchen countertop.

The Gaggia Classic can make espresso in two different ways: You can either get ground beans, scoop it into the filter, pretty much the classic way. Or, if you’re not sure of the measurements you’re supposed to use, you can use pre-measured espresso pods (see an example here).. those pods are pre-measured and will make you the perfect cup of espresso without the guess work. They’re also made by major coffee brands like Lavazza, illy and Starbucks.

The only thing that this machine lacks is a built-in grinder. But of course, of the great price point of about $400, this is quite an impressive machine at an even more impressive price. An espresso machine with built-in grinder counts as a super automatic machine, if it’s something you’d be interested in, check out our list of super automatic machines under $1000.

Overall, the Gaggia Classic is a solid machine. What customers loved about it was the fast boiler which allows you to prepare the espresso quickly. What few people had a problem with was the frothing wand, which sometimes can let a bit more air than it should making a good foam hard to happen. It wasn’t an issue for everyone though.

You can learn more about the Gaggia 14101 Classic espresso machine, read the customer reviews and buy it on amazon by clicking here.

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Watch How It Works:

Gaggia Classic Comparisons:

Gaggia Classic vs. Gaggia Baby, What’s The Difference?

Gaggia 12300 Baby Class Manual Espresso Machine

The Classic is often compared to the Baby Class, which is also by Gaggia. Both machines are manual espresso makers, Italian made and of high quality, they’re even quite close in price. These similar features could make you’re purchase decision hard, so here’s a few pointers to help you out:

  • When it comes to pump pressure, the Classic is higher at 17 bar, while the Baby Class is 15 bar.
  • The Classic is slightly larger in size, so naturally it has a larger water reservoir with 72 oz capacity. The Baby Class has 60 oz capacity.
  • The Gaggia Classic uses switch buttons for controlling the steam and coffee flow, while the Baby Class has push buttons.

Click here to learn more about the Gaggia Baby Class, read the customer reviews and buy it.

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Gaggia Classic vs. DeLonghi Dedica:

We recommended the DeLonghi Dedica as an excellent choice for an espresso machine under $300. How does it compare to the Gaggia Classic? The Gaggia is a more powerful and larger machine. It’s also manual, so it requires more practice to use…

  • Gaggia Classic has 17 bar pump pressure, while the Dedica has 15 bars. This isn’t a big deal to a lot of users, but it’s worth it to know that the Gaggia has a more powerful pump.
  • When it comes to operation, the Gaggia Classic is quite manual. You have to manual start and stop your shot, this is where practice and patience comes, you have to try until you get the perfect shot. The Dedica has automatic stop flow, and it can be reprogrammed to your liking.
  • Design wise, the Gaggia is larger in size with a bigger 72 oz water reservoir. The Dedica sits itself apart with its very slim design, but it has a smaller 34 oz reservoir. Both machines have stainless steel housing.

Which of these would make a better choice for you?

  • The Dedica makes a better choice for beginners, or for someone who doesn’t want a manual machine. The Dedica combines the choice of automatic brewing but also gives you the freedom of manual when you get to reprogram the volumes as you want. It’s a lot simpler to use than the Gaggia.
  • If you want to learn how to dose, time and manually control your espresso, then go for the Gaggia.

Click here to learn more about the Dedica, read the customer reviews and buy it.

Gaggia Classic vs. Breville Infuser:

Breville Infuser is quite a machine and it’s certainly worth considering. It’s a step up from the Gaggia Classic, even if it’s a 15-bar pump pressure, as that’s the standard for all espresso machines and having more power doesn’t mean it’s better. So, what should you know about the Breville Infuser?

  • It’s a semi-automatic machine. So you get your automatic features any you can override that and use it manually.
  • It has Auto Purge function, which automatically adjusts the water temperature after steam use to ensure the best and optimal espresso extraction.
  • Another great feature is pre-infusion that saturates the coffee ground in the portafilter with water before extraction. This ensures that all coffee ground is fully saturated and ready to be extracted.
  • The gauge on the control panel of the Infuser is quite helpful to let you know when you can switch between brewing/frothing.
  • There’s a dedicated nozzle for hot water. This is useful for pre-heating cups, making Americanos or preparing other drinks.

Click here to learn more about Breville Infuser, read the customer reviews and buy it.

Common Questions About Gaggia Classic:

What Tamper Size Should I Buy for My Gaggia Classic?

Although the Gaggia Classic does include a tamper, it isn’t the best of tampers. You might feel like you want to buy better quality tamper. The recommended size is 58mm which should give you a precise fit for the Classic’s portafilter.

Where is Gaggia Classic Made?

The Gaggia brand is Italian, but the Classic is made in Romania.

Can I fit tall cup under Gaggia Classic’s spout?

No, only short cups will fit. So think espresso cups, or a cappuccino cup. If you’re making a latte, you’ll have to extract the espresso in a shot glass the pour it into your tall cup.

Does The Machine Include a Frothing Jug?

It doesn’t, you’ll have to purchase that separately.


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