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Are you still not decided whether or not you need an espresso machine at home? Especially that espresso machines can be expensive (but not always – seen our espresso machines under $100?), the buying decision can be tough.

To be honest, not everyone needs an espresso machine at home. But if you’re one of the people who head to their local cafe first thing in the morning and last thing before t


We have calculated the cost of a daily coffee for 2 years:

Local cafe or coffee shop – $2190

Assuming you have one coffee per day at $3 from a local cafe for a year – 365 x $3 = $1095 per year and $2190 for 2 years.

Cafes are good at making coffee, can be sociable and have free newspapers but also have queues and sometimes, cold milk.

Nespresso – $1448.40

Nespresso machines sell from around $350 for basic models to well over $1,000. These machines use capsules of coffee instead of ground coffee so are easier and more convenient to use – but you have to buy Nespresso capsules of coffee to go in the machine. This is a killer sales tactic – you have to keep going back to pay 78 cents per coffee and you cannot use other capsules.

For the purpose of our calculations, taking a Nespresso Citiz with milk warmer/frother model, which makes flat whites or cappucinos – you’ll pay around $499.

Coffee capsules cost 78 cents each and the descaling kit, recommended for use twice a year, costs $17. Assuming about $3 a week for milk, and based on one cup of coffee a day, the machine and ingredients will cost you $973.70  in the first year. and $1448.40 for 2 years.


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Nespresso machine has been used in this example because it’s most popular as a home espresso machine, for its ease of use and compact size. You’ll also be happy to know it’s actually available for lower prices than the prices mentioned in the calculation up. The Nespresso CitiZ C110, for example, is only $244 on

If you plan to buy another espresso machine and grind your own coffee, you’ll be saving even more money.

So it is really worth it to buy an espresso machine? Do your calculations and I’m sure you’ll find that it really is.


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