Keurig Rivo 500 Cappuccino & Latte System

Keurig has been known for it’s K-Cups single serve coffee machines that give you a nice cup of brewed coffee with a touch of a button. This time, Keurig has upped its game and joined the Espresso machine market and has partnered up with a rather reputable name in the world of Espresso, Lavazza, to bring you the perfect shots of espresso at a touch of a button.

The Keurig Rivo 500 Cappuccino & Latte System uses espresso capsules prepared by Lavazza to make espresso, cappuccino or latte with a simple touch of a button. The built-in frother heats and froths your milk to perfection.

The Keurig Rivo 500 features a dedicated button for each drink: espresso, cappuccino and latte. This measures the needed amount of espresso for your selected drink automatically, so you end up with delicious coffee every single time.

Unlike K Cups, the Rive 500/Lavazza capsules are only available in 4 varieties. These are pure espresso capsules, and not pre-made coffee drinks full of artificial flavors. So Lavazza gives you your choice of espresso roast: Classico and Delicato – both medium roast – Intenso (dark roast) and Decaf (also medium roast). Click here to see the Lavazza pods on Amazon.

If you prefer a wide choice of espresso pods, then a Nespresso machine would be a perfect choice as Nespresso offers at least 16 or more espresso varieties. Otherwise, if you prefer a solid, and authentic Italian espresso flavor at a push of a button, you’ll absolutely love the Keurig Rivo 500.

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Is There a Difference Between Rivo and Nespresso?

Yes, there is a lot of difference actually. The only thing they have in common is the fact that both are single-serve espresso makers. But each of them uses totally different coffee capsules. Nespresso machines use their own capsules exclusively which are made by Nespresso themselves. On the other hand, Keurig’s Rivo uses capsules made for them by Lavazza, which also only work with the Rivo System.

You can learn more about Nespresso and their machines here.

What’s The Difference Between Keurig Rivo and K-Cups?

There two are entirely different as well. Totally different capsules and coffee:

  • The Keurig Rivo is an espresso, cappuccino and latte system. It brews espresso made by Lavazza, froths milk automatically and makes you your favorite coffee drinks with a push of a button. You can ONLY use Lavazza Rivo Capsules with this machine.
  • The K-Cup system is another thing. K-Cup brewers are made by Keurig as well as other brands like Cuisinart or Breville. The K-Cups themselves are also made by many other brands, like Green Mountain, Dunkin Donuts, Starbucks, Tully’s… and many more. With K-Cups, you can get many different drinks like coffee, tea, hot chocolate and more.

What Is The Difference Between Rivo and Keurig Vue?

  • The same difference between Rivo and K-Cups, the Vue is another coffee pod system with its own pods.
  • Rivo makes espresso and espresso based drinks, the Vue system is a coffee maker that brews regular coffee as well as few other drinks.

Can I Make Regular Coffee In Keurig Rivo?

No, it doesn’t make your traditional cup of drip coffee. However, this can be substituted with an Americano, which is a shot of Espresso diluted by hot water. But if you’re looking for regular coffee, Rivo won’t make it.

Are There Refillable Pods for the Keurig Rivo?

No there isn’t. You can only buy the Rivo Lavazza packs and use them with the Rivo system. So when you buy a Rivo, you’ll be pretty much committed to the Lavazza pods, which you can buy from some local stores and are available online easily.

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