DeLonghi and Saeco are two of the top leading brands in the world of home espresso machines. Both companies offer a wide variety of espresso machines to choose from, but which one is best for you? Here’s a quick comparison between the two brands:



DeLonghi is an Italian brand that manufactures a wide range of home appliances, espresso machines included. Its espresso machine range includes small manual machines, semi-automatic and fully automatic machines, starting under $100 for the shopper on a small budget. While the engineering and design of the machine take place in Italy, many DeLonghi espresso machines are manufactured in China, especially smaller machines.

Here are some of the top-rated DeLonghi machine reviews and articles we’ve featured are:

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Saeco is an Italian brand as well, though it specializes in espresso and coffee machines and a few other coffee products. The brand was purchased by Dutch company Philips and became part of its family of products. Saeco machines now hold the name “Philips Saeco” instead of Saeco only. Most of Saeco’s espresso machines are Italian made, their range include semi-automatic and fully automatic espresso machines. They’re usually of higher quality, and they’re more durable. Although DeLonghi can seem to be a more popular brand than Saeco, it’s only because it offers low budget machines (under $100) that’s more accessible to many people. However, the quality of those machines are not comparable to Saeco’s, whose machines start at around $200+.

Here are some of of our Saeco espresso machine reviews:

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What Is a Semi-Automatic Espresso Machine?

A Semi-Automatic espresso machine features an automated pump and automated temperature control, but each feature has a separate activation button that allows you to turn it on, off and control it as you want. Semi-Auto machines are available as single boiler machines (which means you can’t extract espresso and steam/froth milk at the same time as there’s only one boiler to control the temperature) or a double-boiler (you can do the two tasks at the same time as each has its dedicated boiler/temp. control.)

These type of machines are perfect for anyone who wants an easy way to prepare espresso and coffee drinks but still wants to control how to prepare their drink. With a semi-auto, you can control the temperature, the water flow for every espresso shot and basically customize their coffee better. That’s why semi-auto espresso machines are preferred by many people.

Top Rated Semi-Automatic Espresso Machines:

Gaggia 14101 Classic Espresso Machine:

Gaggia 14101 Classic Espresso Machine

  • Commercial grade espresso machine for the home-user.
  • Durable stainless steel housing.
  • 17 1/2 bar pump pressure with high-voltage boiler. Single boiler.
  • Steam wand that works as a hot water dispenser as well.
  • 72 ounce removable water tank.
  • Brass portafilters and grouphead for temperature stability.
  • Includes portafilter with single and double shot filter, coffee scoop, and tamper.

Read our full review of the Gaggia 14101 Classic espresso machine here.

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KRUPS XP618050 Full Stainless Steel Twin Thermo Block Espresso Machine:

KRUPS XP618050 Full Stainless Steel Twin Thermo Block Espresso Machine

  • Double thermoblock boilers. 16 bar pressure pump.
  • Easily program features with a touch of a button.
  • 100 oz water tank with water level indicator.
  • Steam wand + another independent wand for hot water.
  • Durable stainless steel housing.

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Breville 800ESXL 15-Bar Triple-Priming Die-Cast Espresso Machine:

Breville 800ESXL 15-Bar Triple-Priming Die-Cast Espresso Machine

  • 15 bar Italian pump pressure.
  • Thermoblock  heating system.
  • Automatic adjustment of water temperature after steam for the best espresso extraction temperature.
  • Triple Prime Pump  technology sends bursts of hot water to moisten the coffee ground in the portafilter. This works on expanding the coffee and builds higher pressure to extract more flavorful espresso.
  • 75 oz water tank.
  • Steam wand/ hot water dispenser.
  • Accessories included: filters, tamper, cleaning tool, stainless steel pitcher.

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Saeco Via Venezia Espresso Machine:

Philips Saeco Via Venezia Espresso Machine

  • Patented portafilter that pressurizes the brewing chamber to produce best extracted espresso.
  • Easy to read light indicators that show you when the machine is ready to extract or ready to steam.
  • Steam wand with Pannarello attachment for easier milk frothing.
  • Hot water dispensing option.
  • 68 oz water tank.

You can read our full review of the Saeco Via Venezia Espresso machine here.

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If you’ve been researching Nespresso machines you might have come across a few machines that are branded DeLonghi Nespresso, which are different from Nespresso machines. Are you confused between the two? Actually, the difference is quite simple:

Nespresso Machines:

These machines are manufactured by Nespresso. They use Nespresso’s patented coffee capsules system to brew espresso with a touch of a button. Most Nespresso machines extract espresso only, in two or three cup sizes. But if you want to make coffee drinks like lattes or cappuccinos, you’ll have to bundle your machine with Nespresso’s electric milk frother (or any electric frother). See some excellent Nespresso bundles here.

Some Nespresso machines we’ve previously reviewed:


DeLonghi Nespresso Machines:

In these machines, two of the best espresso and coffee brands come together to create excellent homes espresso machines. These machines are manufactured by DeLonghi, but they use Nespresso’s capsules system to make the espresso (you’ll be buying Nespresso capsules to make the coffee), that’s what they bring from Nespresso’s world. And being a DeLonghi machine, they get their patented single touch ‘Hot Milk’ system, which is a detachable milk tank that attach to the machine and with a single touch it heats and mixes the milk to perfectly froth it for your choice of milk-based coffee drink. This means you won’t need to buy a milk frother separately. And being a detachable milk tank, it allows you to simply save any left-over milk in the fridge for next use.

Some of DeLonghi Nespresso machines reviews:



Are you getting your first espresso machine at home? If that’s the case, here’s our recommendations for your first machine. We chose these machines based on a few factors:

  1. Ease of use: they’re easy to use and get a hang of. Nothing too complicated for the starting barista.
  2. Price range: They’re very well priced under $300. There’s no need for you to spend $1000s on a machine when you’re still not ready.
  3. Durability: These machines should last you a few good years until you’re ready to upgrade to a larger or more sophisticated machine. By that time, you’ll sure be a professional at using an espresso machine at home.

1. Breville ESP8XL Cafe Roma Stainless Espresso Maker:

Breville ESP8XL Cafe Roma Stainless Espresso Maker

The Breville Cafe Aroma is simply beautiful, a shiny stainless steel machine that looks like a commercial machine, yet it’s made with the home user in mind. It comes with everything you need to get you started: a double filter that you can use with ground coffee or espresso pods, a steam want for milk frothing, a set of stainless steel espresso cups, and a milk pitcher.

Read our full review of the Breville Cafe Aroma by clicking here.

2. DeLonghi EC702 15-Bar-Pump Espresso Maker:

DeLonghi EC702 15-Bar-Pump Espresso Maker

The DeLonghi EC702 is also a great starter machine for beginners. Also stainless steel built like the previous one, it is easy to clean and maintain. While it does have the double filter and a steam wand, it lacks the extra accessories (the stainless steel cup set and pitcher), so you’ll have to buy those separately.

Click here for our full review of the DeLonghi EC702 Espresso Machine.

Note: For best results possible, you are recommended to brew your coffee using fresh ground espresso. If you don’t have a coffee grinder, see our recommended grinders here.

3. Nespresso CitiZ Automatic Espresso Maker:

Nespresso Citiz C120 Espresso Maker with Aeroccino Milk Frother

A Nespresso maker is as easy and convenient as it gets for a coffee lover. It won’t turn you into a barista, but it’s an excellent machine to make espresso and gourmet coffee drinks with a touch of a button. This machine uses Nespresso capsules that are pre-measured and make you the perfect shot every single time. All you have to do is insert a capsule and press a button, within a second you’ll be all set! The machine also comes with an automatic milk frother that creates hot or cold froth in under a minute.

You can read our full review of the Nespresso Citiz here.


In our previous post, we’ve compared the best single serve espresso machines currently on the market. The two top machines are Nespresso, which uses Nespresso capsules and Gaggia or Francis Francis espresso machines that are made for illy’s IperEspresso capsules. If you’re torn between the capsules and need help deciding which machine to go for, in this post we’ll compare the Nespresso and IperEspresso capsules which will hopefully help you with your decision.

Nespresso Capsules:

Nespresso Capsules

  • Nestle’s Nespresso offers a wide range of coffee variations and flavors. See the photo above.
  • The capsules are sold on, but the order comes with a minimum number of capsules (50 Capsules/5 boxes). You can also buy the capsules locally if you have a Nespresso boutique in your area. The capsules are available from some sellers on without any minimum order, but they do cost more.
  • Nespresso’s price per capsule is about $0.75
  • There’s a number of accessories available to hold Nespresso capsules, such as these Nespresso capsule holders.

Overall, the Nespresso capsules are easy to find and buy. The variation in blends and flavors appeal to a lot of people, which is why it is the most popular single serve espresso machine.

Wondering which Nespresso Machine you should buy? See our comparison between the Nespresso U, Pixie and  CitiZ here. You can also find some excellent Nespresso bundles here.


illy’s IperEspresso:


  • illy’s IperEspresso is pure Italian coffee. It’s available in different coffee roasts and blends: Dark, Medium, Lungo, or Decaf. Also available in MONOARABICA: Brazil, Guatemala and Ethiopia.
  • Capsules are available on with a minimum order of 2 cans. Or you can buy it on for the same price, with no minimum order required.
  • IperEspresso’s price per capsule is $0.80 to $0.85.
  • There are currently no accessories for the IperEspresso capsules. But unlike Nespresso, the IperEspresso capsules come in tin cans that keep the capsules very well sealed and organized.

If you’re someone who is quite serious about their coffee and like the taste of pure espresso with no added flavors or any crazy blends that affect the taste, you’ll absolutely love illy’s coffee.

Our recommended IperEspresso machines are the Francis Francis X7.1  or the Gaggia Plus for Illly.


Do you enjoy usual visits to the outdoors? If camping and hiking are on your list of hobbies, and espresso happens to be your favorite coffee, surprisingly, you can enjoy both things at the same time! Here are some portable espresso makers that you can use to enjoy your cup of fine espresso anywhere.

Handpresso Outdoors Set

Handpresso Outdoor Set


This is the ultimate portable espresso set for the outdoors. The Handpresso set includes:

  • Hadpresso espresso maker.
  • set of 4 lightweight espresso cups.
  • Thermal carafe to keep hot water in.
  • Hadpresso napkins to lay your cups and handpresso while preparing the coffee.

To extract the perfect shot of espresso, you’ll simply have to pump the Handpresso, add hot water from the thermal carafe, place an E.S.E (easy serving espresso) pod, and voila! See how it works in the following video:

If you’re an outdoorsy person this set is totally worth having. Actually, even if you enjoy your espresso at home, you can still using the Handpresso as a simpler way to extract espresso.

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AeroPress Coffee and Espresso Maker

AeroPress Coffee and Espresso Maker

AeroPress is a very light coffee press that you can keep in your bag. How it works is quite simple; you’ll place AeroPress on your cup, add a filter, add coffee, pour in hot water and press. Works kind of like a Fresh Press, but it’s smaller in size and more portable. You’ll be able to make regular coffee or espresso shots with it, so you’ve got two options here! Included with your purchase: 1 press, 1 funnel, 1 scoop, 1 stirrer, and enough filters to last for 2 years.

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Bialetti Moka Pot

Bialetti 6800 Moka Express 6-Cup Stovetop Espresso Maker

A Moka Pot or a Stovetop espresso maker is more suitable for camping as it requires a heat source. The two-chamber pot requires you to add water in the bottom chamber and coffee ground on top. Place it on low heat for a few minutes and you’ll have yourself a pot full of delicious coffee! Many people use the moka pot at home for its convenience as well. Want to see more stovetop espresso makers? Check our recommendations here.

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The majority of us would get overwhelmingly proud and happy if we were finally able to get latte art right, and I’m talking about a simple Clover or a heart. The Japanese folks are a step ahead, even in this matter. Check out this 3D cat coffee art work! Absolutely impressive! And other detailed artwork is just as cool and impressive, indeed!
3d_cat foammonster lattecharliebrowncast screamcoffee



If you want to pull the perfect shot of espresso, you need the perfect ground beans. The most important factor is using beans as fresh as possible, so it is recommended that you grind your coffee beans right before you brew your coffee. Here’s a video that explain this:

The machine you see in this video is the Breville Barista Express, which is a semi-automatic machine with a built-in grinder. If your machine doesn’t have a built-in grinder, you can use any coffee grinder. We highly recommend conical burr grinders for the best results. If you ever consider a machine upgrade and want to find the best espresso machine with built-in grinder, you can see our recommendations here.


Getting an automatic espresso machine is the easiest way for you to brew the ultimate fresh cup of coffee, Cappuccino, Latte or any coffee drink with a touch of a button. An automatic machine usually features a built-in coffee grinder, a milk frother, and a dedicated button for each of your preferred coffee drinks, as well as many programmable features.

DeLonghi is one of the world’s top brands when it comes to espresso machines. It has a number of automatic espresso machines to choose from, but which one is the best for you?

The number one factor in choosing an automatic espresso machine will mostly be your budget. While automatic machines can run for anywhere between $1000 and up to $3000, DeLonghi’s automatic espresso machines are within the affordable range of $600 to $1000+ – all of them include great features and perform as expect.

DeLonghi ESAM3300 Magnifica Super-Automatic Espresso Machine:

DeLonghi ESAM3300 Magnifica Super-Automatic

This machine is a best seller on our site, and there’s a reason for that. The ESAM3300 Magnifica is one of the most affordable automatic espresso machines, it is easy to use, prepares great coffee and it’s simply a pleasure to have. Naturally, it will lack a feature of two of the more expensive models, but overall, it’s a top performing machine that you’ll certainly enjoy.


  • Prepares a single or double espresso shots at the same time.
  • Built-in conical burr grinder, automatically grinds as much coffee needed for your drink.
  • Steam wand for milk frothing/steaming.
  • Customizable coffee grinds, strength, volume using an easy to use control panel.
  • Dual boiler allows you to brew coffee and use the steam wand at the same time.

What is lacks:

  • Dedicated buttons for different drinks.
  • A milk tank.
  • No auto-start option.

You can read our full review of the ESAM3300 here.

Click here to read the customer reviews and to buy it.

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De’Longhi EN720.M Automatic Cappuccino, Latte and Espresso Machine with Nespresso Capsule System:

De'Longhi EN720.M Automatic Cappuccino, Latte and Espresso Machine with Capsule System

Another super-simple automatic espresso machine from DeLonghi. This one uses Nespresso’s capsules system, so all you have to do is buy Nespresso capsules and with a push of a button, you’ll have the perfect drink.


  • Uses Nespresso’s patented capsules system for no-mess, push button coffee drinks.
  • Detachable milk tank. After use, you can remove the milk tank and place it in the fridge the save the rest of the milk for next use.
  • Dedicated buttons for each coffee drink.
  • Adjustable drip tray. Cup warming tray on top of the machine.

Cons to this machine?

There’s no Con to this machine, but something to take into consideration that if you plan to brew a lot of coffee, whether for your family or if you entertain a lot of friends, the cost of capsules can get expensive. However, there are some reusable coffee capsules available that you can fill up with your own coffee.

Read our review of the DeLonghi EN720 here.

Click here to read the customer reviews.

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DeLonghi ECAM23210B Compact Magnifica S Beverage Center:

DeLonghi ECAM23210B Compact Magnifica S Beverage Center

This machine features everything a super automatic machine has, yet it comes in a smaller compact size. You can customize your favorite coffee drink to your taste and get the freshest cups of coffee with a touch of a button.


  • Customizable coffee drinks using an easy to use, illuminated control panel.
  • Built-in conical burr grinder.
  • Built-in water filteration system – use tap water and you’ll still get a delicious fresh cup of coffee.
  • Milk steamer/frother.
  • Instant reheat option: instantly reheats the machine’s boiler to avoid waiting between drink preparations.
  • Cup warming tray.

What it lacks:

A detachable milk tank which comes in quite handy when you have left-over milk that you don’t want to waste. However, this is certainly not a deal-breaker.

Click here to read the customer reviews of this machine.

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If the main reason behind getting an espresso machine is to create delicious coffee house drinks at home, then you’ll want the best espresso machine suitable for the task.

What machine should you buy to make the best Cappuccinos and Lattes?

Here are a few things that are required to be able to create those drinks:

  • Freshly ground coffee beans make the best espresso shots to be used as the base of your coffee drink. Depending on your budget, you can either get an espresso machine with built-in grinder, or get a grinder separately. Make sure to grind your coffee right before brewing.
  • Your espresso machine should have a streamer/milk frother. This can be built-in within the machine, or if you’re using a single-serve espresso machine, you can get a frother separately.
  • A stainless steel milk pitcher will help you create the perfect froth.

Which machines are best for creating Cappuccino or Latte?

Here are our recommendations – we’re trying to keep everyone’s budget in mind from high-end to low-end. A super-automatic or automatic machine would be the ultimate choice, with fresh and push-button options. A Semi-automatic would be your next choice, for anyone with a budget anywhere from $300 to $500. If you’re budget is under $300, you’ll want a pump manual espresso machine. For a budget of under $100, a steam espresso machine – though not the most durable thing – should work.

*Click on the machine’s name to learn more about it*



Illy Francis Francis Y1 Iperespresso Machine

Do you feel like adding a futuristic and modern touch to your kitchen while getting a European style cup of espresso with a touch of a button? If you answered yes, then you shouldn’t look at further than the Francis Francis Y1.1 Espresso machine for Illy. Looking at it for the first time, you wouldn’t guess that it’s an espresso machine… however, as you get to see how it works, you’ll absolutely love it. See how it works in the video below:

As you can see from the video, the machine features intuitive touch-screen controls. It uses Illy’s iperEspresso capsules exclusively, so you know you’ll be getting delicious European espresso quality. The tempered glass works to hold your cups, and it’s a warming-tray as well that keeps your cups warm and ready all the time.

The Francis Francis Y1.1 is the perfect choice for anyone who wants a quick cup of espresso at a touch of a button. If you’d like to create more coffee drinks, you’ll want to bundle this machine with a milk frother (you can see our recommendations here). If you prefer a machine that has a built-in milk frother, you can check out the Francis Francis X7.1 which has a more traditional look, but works as a modern single-serve espresso machine, or the Gaggia machine for illy.

Learn more about the Francis Francis Y1.1 on

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So you often hear the names Espresso and Lungo, you know both are espresso, but, what is exactly the difference between the two?

Espresso: coffee produced using an espresso machine, made from finely ground coffee. The extracted coffee is about 1.5 ounce in volume. You can drink Espresso on its own, or use it as the base of popular coffee drinks such as Cappuccino or Latte.

Lungo: Is exactly the same as espresso, however, it is extracted for a longer time to produce more coffee. It is around 2 or 3 ounces in volume.

That’s it! Quite simple, isn’t it?

If you use a single-serve espresso machine like a Nespresso or the CBTL Kaldi or if you have an automatic espresso machine, you’ll find a dedicated Lungo button on them so the machines will automatically pull a longer espresso for you.




Few days ago, we’ve included the Keurig Vue V700 as one of the best new single-serve brewers available on market. We’ve also established that the Vue system is a totally different thing from Keurig’s K-Cups. So, what is the difference? and which is a better choice for you?

Difference Between Keurig Vue and Keurig K-Cups:

In a nutshell:

Is a Vue pod different from a regular Keurig Pod (K-Cup)?
Yes, it’s different and they’re not used with the same machines.

Can I Use a Different Coffee Pod in a Vue?

You can only use Vue coffee pods, which are available from different coffee brands, just like K-Cups. But only VUE capsules can be used with a VUE machine.

The Vue system is the next generation brewer from Keurig. The difference between it and the K-Cups is how programmable and customizable it is. With Vue, you can control the temperature, the strength of the coffee, you have a choice of eight different cup sizes, and it’s all controllable via an easy to use color touch screen. Just like K-Cups, Vue can brew coffee, tea, cappuccino, latte, hot chocolate and many more drink. However, the capsules (or pods) are not the same. Vue uses coffee pods made specially for it, and they do NOT brew K-Cups – but you’ll find most of the same drinks available for Vue.

Vue TouchscreenSo simply put, with Vue, your drinks are %100 customized to your liking: from size (starting at 4 oz and up to 18oz) to temperature. The control is as easy as possible with the colored touch screen. The one thing missing from the Keurig Vue system – yet – is a MyK-cup style pod that you can use to fill with your own coffee ground. But I’m sure this will be available soon enough.

Which Keurig Vue System is Best to Buy?

So far, there are three different Vue Systems available. One is made for the home user, and the other two are more targeted towards office use. As a website dedicated to great coffee/espresso at home, we wholeheartedly recommend the Keurig Vue V700 System, which is the latest one in the Vue line for home users:

Keurig 2700 Keurig® Vue® V700 Single serve coffee system

  • Touchscreen control.
  • 74oz removable water tank.
  • Temperature and size control. Fully programmable.
  • adjustable drip tray to accommodate different cup sizes.
  • Over 50 variation of Vue packs available from coffee, tea and other beverages, from the world’s top brands.

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You can also check out the Vue V1200 and Vue V1255 here & here.




espressoYou’ve seen espresso machines labelled either as a Pump machine or a Steam machine, but you can’t tell the difference between the two? It is quite simple really… read on…

How does a pump espresso machine work? What is the advantage/disadvantage of it?

Much like the name sounds, a pump espresso machine heats the water in -mostly- a stainless steel boiler then a pump draws it and forces it through the coffee ground to produce espresso.

The advantage is that a pump espresso machine extracts a more consistent espresso shot, more strong and flavorful, due to the power of the pump. The disadvantage is that the machines are usually bigger in size, and are more expensive. However, there are many pump espresso machines that are still very affordable and quite acceptable in size, the DeLonghi EC702, for example.

How does a steam espresso machine work? What is the advantage/disadvantage of it?

A steam espresso machine heats the water first, and waits til it’s hot enough to produce steam. The pressure from this heat forces the steam through the coffee ground, which results in brewing espresso. The advantage of such machines is that they’re quite inexpensive (usually less than $50), however, they don’t produce espresso as good as a pump machine, and they’re not as durable. Also, there’s usually a bit of a wait before the machine is ready to make the espresso.

[info source]

With a big range of single serve coffee makers available on the market, it’s great to know that you don’t have to spend a fortune to buy one. In fact, we’ve set a budget of under $100 for this post. However, please note that prices are correct as of the time of writing this guide and are subject to change by vendors selling those coffee makers. We try to be as accurate as possible, but do check the price before your purchase.

Types of Single Serve Coffee Makers:

There are two types of single serve coffee makers you can buy:

  • One that uses coffee pods/capsules
  • Another that uses coffee ground, just like a regular coffee maker.

The first type is the most convenient and most popular. It allows you to brew a cup of coffee, or other hot beverages with a push of a button and without any clean up afterwards. The second type, which doesn’t use pods, require you to load up the filter with your favorite coffee ground and clean it up after usage. It’s certainly not the hardest job in the world, but it does take more time that using a pod.

Single serve coffee makers also vary in size and capabilities. So in this guide, we’ll try to break it down as specific as possible to help you get the best choice for your need.

Best Single Serve Coffee Maker For Home Under $100:

If you need a single serve brewer for home use, that’s going to be used by more than a single person, then you’ll want a coffee maker with an adequate water reservoir and multiple brewing sizes. This will allow a number of brews before needing to refill the machine and will offer more options for brewing to meet different tastes.

The Keurig K-Classic (K55) is a great choice for a family with a budget under $100. With this machine you get:

  • Multiple brewing sizes: 6, 8, 10 oz.
  • A 48 oz water reservoir with a water filter. Allows you to brew more than 6 cups before refilling.
  • Easy controls, dedicated button for each brew size.
  • Light indicators for descaling, heating, auto off and add water reminder.
  • Compatible with all K-Cup pod including generic pods and refillable pods.
  • Can accommodated travel mugs up to 7″ high.
  • Included in the box: 4 K-Cup sampler, 2 water filter and filter handle.
  • Available in black or red.

For less than a hundred bucks, you get the most essential features from a Keurig brewer for delicious coffee in under a minute.

Click here to learn more about Keurig K-Classic, read the customer reviews and buy it.

Hamilton Beach Single Serve Coffee Maker is a versatile option for someone who wants to brew pods and coffee ground using the same machine:

  • It is compatible with all K-Cup pods but also includes a filter for coffee ground brewing.
  • 40 oz water reservoir.
  • Choose from three serving sizes: 8 and 10 oz for K-Cup pods, or up to 14 oz for coffee ground.
  • Adjustable drip tray allows you to fit a travel mug or a short mug.
  • Brewing options, choose from regular brew or bold brew.

Click here to learn more about Hamilton Beach Single Serve Coffee Maker, read the customer reviews and buy it.

Best Single Serve Coffee Maker for a Small Space/Dorm Under $100:

If you don’t have enough space to accommodate a large coffee maker, there are still options available for you. The only thing you’ll have to give up is a water reservoir, and instead, pick a machine with a tank that fills up at every brew cycle.

Another great pick from Hamilton Beach, this single serve coffee maker using coffee ground only to brew a cup. It brews a multiple cup sizes, up to 14 oz for a large mug or a travel mug. You can also select from regular or bold brew. It includes a coffee scoop and a steel mesh filter, so there’s no need for paper filter. This is a great option if all you want is to brew coffee, because unlike brewers that use pods, you won’t be able to brew other beverages like tea, hot chocolate or any beverage available as a K-Cup pod.

Click here to learn more about Hamilton Beach (49981A) Single Serve Coffee Maker, read the customer reviews and buy it.

If you prefer using pods, this Chulux brewer is compact in size and is compatible with all K-Cup pods. It is also compatible with refillable k-cup filters, so you still have the option of using your own coffee ground. The machine can brew cup sizes 4, 6, 8 and 10 oz. It has a gradient water tank that makes it easy to fill up to your desired brew size.

Click here to learn more about CHULUX Single Serve Coffee Maker, read the customer reviews and buy it.

Best Single Serve Coffee Maker Without Pods for Under $100:

We already named a few coffee makers that can actually be used without pods, or at least using coffee ground with a refillable filter. But here’s one more option:

The KitchenAid is compact in design and very user friendly. You can brew multiple sizes up to 18 oz, and it includes a travel mug of that size, too. The KitchenAid brewer cannot brew any type pods, but brews coffee ground only using the included gold-tone filter. The famous retro design of KitchenAid makes this brewer a nice addition to any kitchen. It’s also available in different colors.

Click here to learn more about KitchenAid Personal coffee Maker, read the customer reviews and buy it.

Common Questions About Single Serve Coffee Makers:

Are Single Serve Coffee Makers Worth It?

Some people see single serve coffee makers as the best way to make your favorite coffee with a push of a button and without the regular clean up a traditional coffee maker requires. Using a single serve, you have your pod measured and ready to go, all you have to do is press a button and toss the pod out after use. And you’ve got a delicious cup of coffee in no time. The downside of a single serve coffee maker used to be that you needed to buy the pods continuously, but this isn’t the case anymore. Now you can buy a single serve that uses pods, no pods or both at the same time, so you’ve got lots of options that can work out for any requirements and any budget.

How Long Does It Take a Single Serve Coffee Maker To Brew a Cup?

This will depend on the machine and its power. Some brew in under minute, while others could take up to 3 minutes. It rarely takes longer than that. So overall, they brew fairly quickly.

How Do I Choose Between a Single Serve with Pods or Without Pods?

If you pick a brewer that uses pods:

  • You’ll be able to brew coffee pods, tea, hot chocolate, hot apple cider and many more beverages available as pods.
  • You can also brew your ow coffee ground using a refillable filters.

Using a no-pod brewer, all you can use your machine for is brewing coffee and nothing else. If that’s what you’re looking for, then great, go for it! But you’re looking for the most versatile option, go for a pod coffee maker.

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