Many people who are considering buying an espresso machine still wonder what can they make with an Espresso machine at home? Well, what your machine will be able to make will depend on which Espresso machine you end up buying. Let’s have a look at the possibilities:


Nespresso U D50 Espresso Maker with Aeroccino Milk FrotherLet’s say you go for a Nespresso machine – a single serve Espresso machine that is wildly popular right now. The machine makes single-serve espresso using a Nespresso capsule, with a single touch of a button. Mostly, you’ll also be able to make Espresso with such a machine, but not if you get a Nespresso + Aeroccino milk frother bundle: this will open up a whole new menu for you! With a milk frother, you’ll be able to make pretty much any gourmet coffee drink available at your local cafe; cappuccino, latte, macchiato, even iced coffee. That’s why we recommend going for a Nespresso Bundle, which gets you a Nespresso machine and the Aeroccino milk frother for less the price… some bundles even throw in more items like capsule storage and even espresso cup sets!



Saeco Odea Giro Plus II Automatic Cappuccino Espresso MachineIf you decide to with a more high-end espresso machine, an automatic espresso machine like the Philips Saeco Syntia Focus Automatic Espresso Machine or the Saeco Odea Giro Plus II Automatic Cappuccino Espresso Machine, both machines are equipped with everything you need to make any kind of coffee you want, with a touch of a button. They have a built-in grinder for fresh grinder to cup coffee – absolutely the freshest coffee you can get, a steam wand for milk heating and frothing, all programmable drink options (buttons or dial knob), even hot water dispensers which keeps hot water ready if you want to make any other beverages.

Overall, most Espresso machines make you the crucial ingredient of all coffee drinks and that is Espresso. Making the coffee drink, may it be a cappuccino or latte, will require some tools that your machine may or may not have. Have a look at some of the essential espresso machine accessories you will naeed to make those drinks. Also, if you like your coffee flavored and extra sweet, have a look at our guide to making flavored gourmet coffee drinks at home.


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