Now you’ve got yourself a nice espresso machine, your next question is: What espresso beans are the right ones for me?

There are few things to consider when buying espresso beans:

– Do you want to buy pre-ground coffee or whole coffee beans?

– How do you like your espresso taste? Dark and bitter or bit on the lighter side?


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Pre-Ground or Whole Coffee Beans?

Choosing the type of coffee beans for your cup of espresso is very important and there are two basic kinds of beans to choose from. Espresso coffee beans usually come in pre-ground and pre-packaged servings, but they also come in whole coffee beans. Of course the whole coffee beans usually have to be ground yourself, but many people prefer grinding the coffee beans by themselves because it gives them a feeling of accomplishment as well as more control over how coarse or fine they want their espresso beans to be.

If you are like many people, however, chances are that you’ll be purchasing the pre-ground coffee beans that are available in most of the grocery stores throughout the United States. Even though there is an advantage to doing this, you’ll want to be sure that the packages actually fit in your espresso machine. Even though most pre-packaged and pre-ground espresso machines are made with care so they do fit in most machines, it is better to check then to end up not having any espresso in the morning because you didn’t check the size of the packages!

Most of the pre-packaged espresso beans, though, will usually say whether or not they are compatible with all machines, so reading the label is also important before purchasing a specific pre-ground espresso bean package!

The best method that many people choose for their coffee beverage is to simply grind the coffee beans before they’re put into the espresso machine. As mentioned, this gives them the greatest control over how the espresso will taste considering the fact that espresso is either bitter or weak depending on just exactly how they are ground! There definitely is much to be concerned about, though, when choosing your coffee beans, so making sure you look at them wisely is very important!…

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Do You Need a Coffee Grinder? Here are our recommendations: 

Check out our recommended coffee grinders for espresso here.


How to Choose the Right Coffee Beans? 

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Coffee beans come in a wide variety of flavors, and different kind of roast, all are important factors in how your Espresso will taste. For people who prefer a stronger cup of Espresso, a pure Arabica coffee with a dark roast is recommened. Different blends with a dark roast will also give you a nice strong cup of coffee. Other roasts are medium and light, which will give you a less stronger taste.


But how do I know Which Coffee Will I Like?

Well, that’s the big question which has one answer – you won’t know what you like unless you try! You can always opt to buy samples instead of full pacakges so you can find the one you really like.

Where Can I Buy Espresso Beans?
You will most likely find them at your local supermarket or grocery. Another option – especially if you’re looking for finer and better coffee blends from around the world, then you should buy coffee online. You’ll also be able to save a lot of money since it’ll be cheaper!


Some Espresso Bean Recommendations:  Click on the name to visit the purchase page

Dark Roast Coffee: 

Eight O’Clock Coffee, Dark Italian RoastBlend of 100% Arabica beans dark roasted for a bold taste.

illy Caffe Scuro Whole Bean Coffee, Dark Roast: The BEST Italian espresso coffee you’ll find!

Starbucks Dark French Roast Coffee: A blend of Latin American beans dark roasted French style for a bold taste.

Medium Roast Coffee: 

illy Caffe Whole Bean Coffee (Medium Roast)

Boyds Coffee Gourmet Medallion, Ground Medium Roast Coffee.

Starbucks Whole Bean Coffee, Breakfast Blend, Medium Roast.

Light Roast Coffee:

– Starbucks Veranda Blonde Blend



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