Nespresso has been a popular single-serve espresso system for as long as I can remember. It’s the perfect way to brew a delicious shot of espresso to drink on its own or add nice creamy froth to it for a nice pick-me-up coffee drink. Since then, Nespresso has expanded their systems to include machines that make coffee as well as espresso. So now they have the OriginalLine, which is the espresso-only brewers, and Vertuo, the Coffee and Espresso brewers.

What Is Nespresso Vertuo:

Vertuo is a one-touch brewing system by Nespresso that make a long cup of coffee in addition to a nice traditional cup of espresso or lungo. Just like previous Nespresso machines, Vertuo operates automatically to deliver coffee or espresso at optimal settings for the best results.

Technology of Vertuo:

Vertuo machines are equipped with a patented technology called Centrifusion. It operates differently than their OriginalLine machines or other single serve machines that require a pump for coffee extraction. Centrifusion works by rapidly spinning the capsule as it extracts the coffee. By filling the capsule with water as it spins, the system ensures full coffee ground saturation and extraction.

Another technology that Vertuo has is the intelligent system that reads the barcode on each coffee capsule you brew and automatically adjusts the machine to best parameters for that individual capsule. This means that you will get unique experience for each coffee or espresso blend you brew using a Vertuo machine.

Nespresso Vertuo Capsules:

Vertuo machines are only compatible with capsules made exclusively for them by Nespresso. You can choose from a range of espresso or coffee capsules in different sizes. The Vertuo system is limited to its own capsules, there are no alternative capsules or refillable capsules.

What Drinks Can You Make with Vertuo:

Here are the available drinks and serving sizes on a Vertuo machine:

  • Espresso: 1.35 oz
  • Double Espresso: 2.7 oz
  • Americano (Gran Lungo): 5 oz
  • Coffee: 7.77 oz
  • Alto: 14 oz

You can also make specialty coffee drinks: Cappuccino, Latte, Macchiato and other recipes by adding milk or frothy milk to espresso.

Nespresso Vertuo Machines:

The Vertuo brewing system is available in a few different models to choose from. All Vertuo machines are compatible with the same capsules, but they will differ in design.

Nespresso VertuoPlus and VertuoPlus Deluxe:

There are two features that set the VertuoPlus apart from the other Vertuo machines:

  • It has a swivel water reservoir that you can place on the back of the machine or on either of its sides.
  • It has a motorized head that lowers or lifts up without any hand pressure from you.

VertuoPlus is available in two version:

  • VertuoPlus with 40 oz water reservoir
  • VertruoPlus Deluxe with 60 oz reservoir.

VertuoPlus DeLonghi vs. Breville:

The difference brand names offer two distinct designs:

The one made by DeLonghi has a flat top, the other by Breville has more of a dome-like top. Each brand offers different colors and design, but the machines are exactly the same in how they work.

Any Other Differences Between VertuoPlus vs. VertuoPlus Deluxe?

Other than the difference in water reservoir capacity, the Deluxe version features some chrome accents on the drip tray and the top lid of the machine.

Watch It in Action:

Nespresso Vertuo (Previously Known as Evoluo):

Vertuo is a previous model to the VertuoPlus. When it first came out, it carried the name Evoluo. But seems like Nespresso has refreshed its name to call it Vertuo.

This model has a 54 oz water reservoir. Unlike the VertuoPlus, the head on the machine is manual and not motorized. You’ll have to press down the head and twist the lock to start the brewing cycle.

There are two versions of the Vertuo machine:

This earlier version, which is the first Vertuo machine to be released, has a 40 oz water reservoir. Some customers have reported that it delivers not so hot coffee, or at unacceptable temperature. I would recommend that you skip this one and buy the updated version..

The newer Vertuo (a.k.a Evoluo) has a larger water reservoir, a better design, and it seems to deliver coffee temperature better that the first version.

Is There a Difference Between Nespresso Vertuo by DeLonghi vs. by Breville?

There is no actual difference between Nespresso machines under either brand, DeLonghi or Breville. Not in how the machines works, at least. The difference is going to be in the design only, that would slight design features and exclusive colors to each brand. But all machines are the same at their core.

Watch it in action:

Compare Nespresso Vertuo Machines:

Vertuo (Evoluo) vs. VertuoPlus, How Are They Different?

Vertuo is an older version of the VertuoPlus, so you can expect improvement on performance and design in the VertuoPlus model.


  • Vertuo has a 54 oz water capacity and a 17 used capsule storage capacity.
  • VertuoPlus is available in two capacities: VertuoPlus with 40 oz capacity and 10 used capsule drawer capacity. The VertuoPlus Deluxe with 60 oz water reservoir and 10 used capsule drawer capacity.


  • Vertuo has a more bulky design. The water reservoir is positioned on the side of the machine, while the used capsule drawer is positioned on the other side.
  • VertuoPlus and VertuoPlus Deluxe has a more modern and sleek design. Starting with its moveable water reservoir, which allows you to move it to the right, left or back of the machine. This is a great design feature for someone with limited space. The models are also available in two design variations, one from DeLonghi and another from Breville.

Head Design:

  • The head of the machine is where the capsule is inserted for brewing.
  • On the Vertuo machine, the head is manually lifted. You’ll place your capsule, close the brewing head and manually twist the knob to lock it in place and hit the brew button.
  • On the VertuoPlus, the whole process has been redesign to be easier and more convenient. The head is motorized, so when you push it up or down it automatically lifts up/close down without any force from you. The lock knob is no longer there, so as soon as the brewing head closes, you simply push the brew button to start the cycle.

Compatible Capsules and Drink Preparation:

All Vertuo machines are compatible with the same capsules from Nespresso. They also prepare the same serving sizes.

What Is The Difference Between Vertuo and VertuoLine?

Vertuo and VertuoLine refer to the same thing. When Nespresso first released their espresso/coffee machine, they called it the VertuoLine. VertuoLine was also used to refer to the system itself including all models in their Vertuo product line. Now, it seems like Nespresso has dropped the ‘Line’ from the name (in the US, at least) and it’s now simply referred to as Vertuo.

Vertuo Compared to Other Nespresso Machines:

Vertuo vs. Inissia:

  • Inissia is one of Nespresso’s OriginalLine machines. It’s an espresso machine and cannot make coffee. It uses Nespresso’s original capsules to brew two serving sizes; espresso and lungo.
  • When it comes to capsule compatibility, the Inissia works with capsules from Nespresso, Nespresso-compatible capsules from 3rd party brands and refillable capsules. So when it comes to Inissia, or any other OriginalLine machine, the options for capsules are a lot more.
  • Using an Inissia, you can pretty much make any espresso based drink, provided you have a frother to prepare the milk froth. You can’t make coffee, but the closest option for a long coffee would be to make an Americano (a shot or two of espresso and hot water).

Vertuo vs. Creatista:

  • Creatista is another Nespresso OriginalLine machine. This model combines Nespresso’s convenient single-serve system with Breville’s advanced espresso machine features.
  • Unlike other Nespresso machines that are usually bundled with a Aeroccino milk frother, Nespresso’s milk frother that heats and whisks milk to create froth, the Creatista model features a professional steam wand. Using the wand, you can create professional micro-foam textured milk that you can use to build beautiful latte art. The Creatista also allows you to customize your drink in many ways: you can choose from many milk temperatures, texture levels and pre-set coffee drink selections that can also be reprogrammed to your liking. And you can do it all using the intuitive colored screen.
  • The Creatista is compatible with all OriginalLine compatible capsules.

As you can see, Creatisa is an entirely different thing that Vertuo. It’s even different to other Nespresso OriginalLine machines. It’s a great option for someone who wants a coffee experience as close to a professional espresso machine as possible, but still easy and convenient for the home user.

Making a Latte Using a Vertuo Machine:

  • When you make a latte using a Vertuo machine, first thing you’ll need to make sure you have an electric milk frother. That could be the Nespresso Aeroccino which is available as bundle with the machine or any milk frother you have.
  • After you prepare the milk froth, simply brew an Espresso capsule into the milk froth which you’ve added to your tall glass.
  • The Aeroccino can froth any type of milk you want, however, results are not the same as with any milk frother. The consistency of the milk always leads to different results. Nespresso recommends that you use full fat milk or skimmed milk for best results.

Best Recommended Vertuo Capsules:

an assortment pack containing three of the best selling Vertuo capsules. You get a total of 30 capsules, 10 Stormio, 10 Odacio, 10 Melozio (intensities 8, 7 & 6).

  • STORMIO: A rich and strong coffee blend. Nespresso Intensity 8. 100% Arabica – Nicaraguan and Guatemalan Beans
  • ODACIO: A bold and lively coffee blend. Nespresso Intensity 7. 100% Arabica – Split roasted Ethiopian & Nicaraguan Beans
  • MELOZIO: A smooth and balanced coffee blend. Nespresso Intensity 6. 100% Arabica – Split Roasted Brazilian Bourbon & Central American Beans

Click here to learn more about this assortment pack, read the customer reviews and buy it.

This assortment contains three type of flavored coffee capsules. Nespresso’s flavored capsules are natural and do not contain any sugar. This pack contains a total of 30 capsules, 10 of each:

  • HAZELINO: A blend of slightly roasted Brazilian and Central American Arabicas infused with a hazelnut flavor which creates a smooth, balanced coffee that is sweet to the taste with a distinct, nutty aroma.
  • CARAMELIZIO: Lightly roasted Arabica beans from Brazil and Central America reveal notes of caramelized sugar and subtle scents of vanilla.
  • VANIZIO: The flavor of vanilla brings a velvety layer of taste to the roundness found in this smooth and balanced blend of Brazilian and Central American Arabica coffee beans.

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For people who like a bold taste, this assortment contains 40 capsules of dark roasts and high intensity blends:

  • STORMIO: A rich and strong coffee. Nespresso Intensity 8. 100% Arabica – Nicaraguan and Guatemalan Beans
  • INTENSO: A dense & deep coffee. Nespresso Intensity 9. Guatemalan washed Robusta, Mexican & South American Arabica.
  • ALTISSIO: A full-bodied & creamy espresso. Nespresso Intensity 9. Costa Rican Arabica & South America Robusta.
  • DIAVOLITTO: A highly intense & powerful espresso. Nespresso Intensity 11. Central & South America Robusta beans with Brazilian Arabica.

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Best Nespresso Vertuo Accessories:

DecoBros tempered glass capsule storage allows you to place your Vertuo machine on top while conveniently keeping your capsules organized and easy to reach right under it. The drawer can hold up to 40 small capsules or 20 large capsules.

Click here to learn more about this Vertuo capsule storage drawer, read the customer reviews and buy it.

Another design for a capsule storage unit, this carousel by Prepara holds up to 20 coffee capsules or 30 espresso capsules at a time. In the middle, there’s room for a capsule sleeve to be stored.

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